Securities and Investment Fraud Lawyers

Securities and Investment Fraud Lawyers

We help investors who have been harmed by the misconduct of brokerage firms or financial advisors.

But there are other securities lawyers, what makes us a better choice?

We learned this game by working for the enemy. Today, we work solely on the side of abused investors. But we didn’t start out that way. We spent many years defending national and regional brokerage firms, learning everything there was to know about the brokerage industry’s corporate culture and the methods used by broker-dealers to attack and eliminate customer claims. Most claimant-only lawyers today have no experience representing big brokerage firms, let alone the deep level of experience we bring to the table.

We do hours of work and give you real answers for free, before you hire us.

Almost every law firm will tell you its lawyers provide a “free initial consultation”, which usually means they’ll listen to your story and tell you how much they charge. We don’t do free initial consultations. We do an entire preliminary workup of your case, free of charge and without any obligation on your part to retain us. That’s the only way you and we can know whether you have valid and provable claims — the only kind of claims we handle. If your case isn’t legally, factually, or financially justified, we’ll carefully explain why and you’ll at least have the answers you came for (plus, if you want them, the names of other lawyers who could give you a competent second opinion.) If we think you should pursue compensation, we’ll tell you the strengths and weaknesses of your case, how the arbitration or litigation process works, how much it might cost, how long it likely will take to complete, and how our fee (if any) will be determined. Then, and only then, will you need to decide whether to hire us.

You don’t just get a lawyer; you get our whole team.

Most law firms who do this kind of work, or claim to, will hand your file off to one of their attorneys. When you hire us, you get the whole Stock Market Loss team — a senior lawyer, his partners, associates, and our amazing support staff.  Every case we accept is fully staffed, with the right person taking charge of what he or she does best. This team approach ensures that each of us is invested in your case, constantly sharing ideas and information and minimizing the chance that something important could slip by. In other words, we don’t just give you our all. We give you all of us, and we do it at no extra cost to you.

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For us, helping victimized investors is about more than money.

We did well-representing brokerage firms. We did well, but we didn’t do good. We really grew to despise the way broker-dealers and many financial advisors treated and still treat their customers. In fact, we got so sick of defending bad guys that we, in essence, fired our broker-dealer clients and built something we could feel good about. That’s how Stockmarketloss came about. We wanted to fight for causes and people we could believe in, and now we do, every day.

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