How can you really know whether your broker did something wrong? That’s easy. Ask us. We’ll tell you whether your broker was to blame, and in most cases, we’ll be able to do it at no cost or obligation to you. But you have to take the first step: call us.

What will happen if you call us? We’ll get some basic information from you over the phone and we’ll ask you to provide us with copies of whatever account documents and correspondence you might have. Then we’ll analyze the information, and if necessary, get a second opinion from one of the outside industry experts who regularly work with us. Usually, we’ll also have a meeting or conference call with you to discuss the facts in more detail. And then we’ll give you our honest assessment.

We’ll tell you whether we think you have a valid claim against your broker or investment adviser. If we don’t think you have a valid claim, we’ll explain why. And at the end of this simple process, you’ll have an answer to the question of whether your broker or adviser was to blame. Getting that answer generally won’t cost you a dime.

Ask us. You’ll get a fast, free answer to a question that’s driving you crazy. Why would you even hesitate?