Reviews and Testimonials

Thank you for your expertise

Thank you for your expertise with our case.  It makes the pain less knowing we recovered some losses.  Without your help there would have been no recovery.


–L&R, Brunswick, OH

A Dedicated Team We Trusted

“We felt your law team was very professional and had our best interests at heart. A dedicated team we trusted, and were pleased with the communication and personal touch they provided.”
— M.B. and K.B., Coralville, IA

Immensely Experienced and Worked Diligently

“During this past bull market, extremely poor performances in our family portfolios led us to believe that our long time trusted broker had not been looking out for our best interests. Needing help in determining the specifics, we reached out to Hugh and Jay’s firm.

From the very beginning, their communication with all of us was stellar and continued that way until the case was settled. This made it easy to understand what really had happened in our portfolios, the direction that the case might go, and possible outcome scenarios. Besides being great communicators, they were patient, understanding and great teachers. We were always presented with clear options and were allowed to make our own decisions without any pressure from their firm.

Hugh, Jay and the rest of his team are immensely experienced and worked diligently to obtain a good outcome for our family.”

— D.W., S.W., A.S., and D.S., Indianapolis, IN

End Result Was Something We Were Very Happy With!

“Initially the team of Hugh, Jay and Laurie were just voices on the phone, several states away from where we lived. An acquaintance thought they might be able to help us. I can tell you – we were not disappointed! The team was extremely adept at what they did. They had a strong work ethic, were efficient, personable and diligent. From the time we first spoke with Hugh until we received word of a final settlement, the lines of communication were always open. They kept us apprised of what was happening with our case, were never too busy to take a phone call or answer an email, and they provided detailed answers to our questions. It left us feeling secure in the knowledge that they were leaving no stone unturned in preparing our case. This really helped as there were long periods of time where just being patient was all we could do. We didn’t have the pleasure of meeting Hugh and Jay until final negotiations. However, thanks to this team’s expertise and hard work, the end result was something we were very happy with!”

– B.C. and T.C., Overland Park, KS