You can afford to hire us. If you have a valid claim, we’ll make sure of it. How?

The answer’s in our motto: “Your broker will pay. We’ll bet our fee on it.

What that means is that unless you recover, we don’t get paid. No matter how much work we do for you or how many hundreds or thousands of hours we devote to your claims, our entitlement to an attorneys’ fee is contingent on our recovering money for you. If we take your case, we’re betting our fee you’ll recover.

No Cost Unless We Win

Here’s how it works. If we believe in your claim, we’ll represent you in exchange for a percentage of your eventual recovery – usually 33⅓ percent to 40 percent depending on the complexity of your case. Litigation expenses such as forum charges or expert fees are your responsibility win or lose, though we’ll usually advance those costs. (In select cases, mostly involving clients with strong claims but severe financial constraints, we may even be willing to make expense reimbursement contingent on recovery as well.)

If you recover money through a pre-hearing settlement or award, we’ll deduct our fee and any unpaid expenses from that recovery and pay the remainder to you. And if we don’t recover money for you, we don’t get a fee.

In other words, we’re betting our fee that your broker will pay. If he doesn’t, you’ll owe nothing in attorneys’ fees.  Like we said, you can afford to hire us. If you have a claim worth pursuing, we’ll make sure of it.