A review of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s records reveals that the SEC is pursuing claims related to four oil and gas scams in the last two months alone. The SEC complaints carry common themes: high pressure sales tactics, misrepresentations regarding the use of investor funds and the likelihood of success in drilling operations, and

Most of us still vividly remember the housing bubble and its disastrous aftermath.  The underwriting and repackaging of residential sub-prime mortgages helped drive the economy into a meltdown in 2008 and led to our worst recession since the Great Depression. The Housing Bubble But in case you need a refresher, let’s summarize. Beginning in the

Do you have an investment account at a brokerage firm? What kind of professional handles that account? Maybe you have a “financial adviser” or a “wealth manager” or an “investment consultant” or an “account executive” or someone with a similarly high-sounding title. But here’s the truth. If your purported adviser/manager/consultant/executive is employed by a brokerage

The allowance of class-action waivers between brokers and customers is being called into question with the Supreme Court, and it could have a dramatic impact on how arbitration is handled through Finra moving forward. The Trump Administration has raised questions regarding the regulation of class-action waiver, in a brief that was filed with the 5th

Stock Market Loss securities attorneys are investigating allegations against Winston Wade Turner, a previously registered broker who has been barred by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Turner is prohibited from serving as a broker or associating himself with companies that offer securities to the public. Formerly of Metlife Securities Inc. and Pruco Securities, LLC, Turner

Sylvester Knox, a broker and investment adviser with eight different firms over 27 years, is under investigation for a variety of alleged violations . The attorneys at Stock Market Loss are investigating claims against Knox. Since January 2017, Knox has been registered with FSC Securities Corporation of Short Hills, New Jersey. Immediately prior to that,

Securities attorneys Jay H. Salamon and Hugh D. Berkson of McCarthy, Lebit, Crystal & Liffman represent clients who lost money as the result of Ponzi schemes, investment fraud, and other broker misconduct. They are investigating the claims history of Andrew Todd Yocum, a previously registered broker and investment adviser. Most recently, Yocum worked with Morgan

The Stock Market Loss fraud investigation team currently is assisting former clients of Lee Dana Weiss, who has been barred by the Securities and Exchange Commission from serving as an investment adviser or broker. Weiss also is prohibited from associating with companies that offer investment advice or sell securities to members of the public. Weiss

The Stock Market Loss team of investigators with McCarthy, Lebit, Crystal & Liffman Co., LPA, currently is reviewing claims against suspended broker John E. Burns, formerly of Edward Jones in Missouri. Burns has a number of customer disputes on his record along with employment separation after allegations and a regulatory ruling. Burns was permitted to

The McCarthy, Lebit, Crystal & Liffman Co., LPA, Stock Market Loss team currently is looking into claims against former stockbroker and investment adviser Li-Lin Hsu, formerly of Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. in Los Angeles and Minneapolis. Hsu is now barred from acting as a broker or associating with any companies that offer securities to the