Why Act Now?

If you have suffered a financial loss due to misconduct or fraud by an investment adviser, stockbroker, insurance agent, or other financial professional, you need to act immediately. Although you may have a right to recover compensation for your losses, delays can cause you to lose your right to bring a claim.

Reasons Why You Should Act Immediately

  • You’re risking all right to recovery if you don’t act immediately. Certain rules and statutes impose strict time limitations for pursuing claims, and, unfortunately, your clock may have started running before you even realized anything was wrong.
  • The first thing we’ll do in evaluating your case is to determine how much time remains before your claims might be barred. We provide free consultations and thorough case evaluations and we’ll help you, at no charge, to determine whether you have a case. If we think you don’t have the right to recover your losses, we’ll tell you that. But we don’t want to have to tell you that you did have a valid claim and lost the right to pursue it because you waited too long.
  • Practical concerns also favor swift action. First, even if you have lost a great deal of money, you may not have lost everything. If you wait, though, your investments may disappear completely. We’ll help you evaluate your financial adviser’s actions so that you can act promptly.  Second, the sooner you call, the sooner we can begin examining your claims, and the sooner you may recover for your losses.

While it’s best to act quickly in these cases, we also caution you that if you’ve already waited a long time to seek advice, don’t just assume you’re out of time. These deadlines are complicated and we still may be able to find some path to compensation. Ask us.

In short, don’t put off seeking qualified legal assistance, but also don’t assume that you’ve lost your claim because you’ve waited too long. There may yet be a window of opportunity for us to help you. Call us to discuss your potential claims with an experienced securities lawyer: 866-932-1295