Cleveland, Ohio Securities Lawyers With Nationwide Practice Still Help Clean Up Their Own Backyard

There was a time when virtually 100% of our clients were from our home town and state of Cleveland, Ohio. If a brokerage firm customer was victimized in Cleveland or its environs by a sleazy or careless stockbroker, chances are we would be the investment fraud lawyers to whom the customer turned for help.

Nationwide Securities Fraud Practice

Today, thanks to our website and the astounding growth of the internet, we have a national practice. Anyone with a computer, smartphone, or tablet is able to find us, and our cases come from all over the country.

Our transformation from a mostly local arbitration practice to a regional and national one has been gratifying. It was always one of our goals to help victims of bad financial advisors obtain competent representation wherever they might reside, especially in places where lawyers who know how to help ripped-off or poorly advised investors may be few and far between.

Investment Fraud Attorneys in Cleveland

But we’re still Cleveland natives, born and bred. This is our home, and we want to remain the go-to investment fraud lawyers for every investor in Northeast Ohio who suffers a major setback at the hands of incompetent or corrupt brokers, investment advisors, life insurance agents, and other so-called investment advice professionals.

If you’re from Cleveland and suffered losses due to bad investment advice, we want to be the first lawyers you call. If a broker caused you to suffer investment losses in another great Ohio city like Akron, Canton, Youngstown, Toledo, Columbus, Dayton, or Cincinnati, we want to be the first lawyers you call. If an investment adviser harmed you anywhere in Ohio, from Ashtabula County to Adams County, from Williams County to Washington County, in Amish Country or the Hocking Hills, we want to be the first investment fraud lawyers you call.

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