Securities Law Resources

  • The 10b-5 Daily
    Tracks news and events related to security law relations

    Written and authored by Lyle Roberts, a DC area attorney, this 10b-5 Daily is a blog that is extremely informative of the recent security related law issues. The blog is named after a Securities Exchange Commission rule, 10b. For over 11 years the 10b-5 Daily blog has been around, providing information on class actions and other security law issues. I found the “About” section of the blog extremely informative for even the novice in the area of securities law.
  • Betterment
    Better returns, advice, experience, and service

    Betterment is an investment management service located in New York City offering online service to investors. Led by a team of experts, Betterment uses the Modern Portfolio Theory approach to maximize returns based on many years of research and analysis.On the site you will find a resource section that is packed with information on strategies for each stage of life with a focus on reaching goals and long term, financial calculators, and research to guide you into an informed decision.

  • Bitcoin Galaxy
    Latest news and quick, easy tutorials for the bitcoin community

    Dedicated to bitcoin users and the growing bitcoin community, Bitcoin Galaxy is a helpful resource providing users with the most up to date information, current news articles, and newest developments in bitcoin technology. Here’s you will find tutorials and step by step guides to help you learn more about Bitcoin and how it works. In the general information section you will find some helpful information on the legality of bitcoin and how it’s perceived in various countries across the world.

  • Bitcoin Legal Resources
    Bitcoin law questions by Ryan Posey is a discussion by Ryan Posey of Posey Lebowitz LLCP the legality of bitcoin as it becomes a growing market. The article and information contained her in this site seek to answer the growing questions of legality and individual and business rights pertaining to bitcoins. You will find up to date, resourceful articles, news, and legal resources to keep you up to speed on this growing market.

  • Bitcoin Magazine
    Accurate and up to date Bitcoin news source

    Bitcoin Magazine seeks to provide current information, news, and insight to the bitcoin community. The magazine is published monthly and reaches a large number of subscribers. On the site you will find magazine subscription information as well as links to some of the most recent articles. You will also find an online forum to converse with members of the Bitcoin community about various issues, technology, and happenings around the world.

  • is dedicated to help Bitcoin to develop in a sustainable way is an informative resource about bitcoin that seeks to inform members of the Bitcoin community network and protect them from common mistakes. Here you will find a list of helpful resources about Bitcoin such as directories, learning resources, useful sites, charts and statistics. In the sites FAQ section you will find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Bitcoin and the legalities of it. You will also find a section on the advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin.

  • Bitcoin Titan & Trading Titan
    Bitcoin related news and market commentary

    The Bitcoin Titan & Trading Titan is an informative blog concerning the up and running bitcoin market. It appears that the legal issues surrounding bitcoin are of special interest to the author of this blog. There is no contact information listed such as a phone number or address. But you can contact the blog owner through the contact section with your comments or questions. Basically, this site is a great source of commentary from someone who is very interested and currently researching the bitcoin market and reporting back with informational data analysis and resources.

  • Bridge Street Development’s First Time Investor Program
    9 week series for first time investors

    This First Time Investor Program was the first ever by Bridge Street Development and took place in September. However, check back soon to see when the next program will take place. Listed on the site you will see an application and fax number to send your completed application. Attendees must have $750 savings and less than $55,000 in annual gross income to participate. Each participant receives a matching $750 grant from Signature Bank, There is limited seating and the classes take place in Brooklyn.

  • Cash Money Life
    First time strategies for beginners from Cash Money Life

    Written and edited by Ryan Guina, you will find a ton of helpful information when you visit Cash Money Life. Here Ryan share’s a ton of advice and views on various financial and small business issues. By clicking the below you link, you can read about beginner investment strategies across a wide range of investment avenues. Discussed here is everything from how to open an investment account to common investment goals. You can also sign up for a weekly e-newsletter.

  • CoinDesk
    How cryptocurrency could change the sharing economy

    CoinDesk is an online news source for the most up to date information regarding Bitcoin news, trends, analysis and technology around the world. You will find information on bitcoin exchange rates, various forms of technology, and regulation of bitcoin around the world. CoinDesk is an independent publication that strives to provide readers with accurate, up to date information on this centralized, digital, and secure currency called Bitcoin.

  • Cryptocoins News
    True independent news source for Bitcoin currency

    Cryptocoins News is news source reporting info on the growing trend of Bitcoin currency around the world. You will find a number of articles written by various Cryptocoins authors. You will also find links to other popular news sources as well as links and information to learn about bitcoin, it’s uses, pros/cons, and much more. Also discussed on the site are the legal issues surrounding use of this currency in different areas of the world.

  • CXO Advisory Group, LLC
    Objective research and reviews to aid investing decisions

    CXO Advisory Group, LLC provides very accurate and precise data research findings and analysis to serious investors to assist them in making informed decisions. They don’t provide personalized advice services. But what you will find on their site is an array of data compiled from various resources. The CXO Advisory Group, LLC is located in Manassas, Virginia and provides both free and subscriptions versions of their material. You’ll find forecasting data, trends, trading calendar, research articles, and much, much more on this site.

    7489 Burnt Tree Drive, 20108, Manassas, VA, 703-966-1409
  • Education and E-Learning
    Educational resources for industry professionals

    In addition to the market regulatatory services provided by FIRNA, ongoing educational programs are available for industry professionals. There are a variety of educational tools available through FIRNA. This education comes in the form of E-Learning webinars, conference and/or training events, continuing education, and much more. If you visit the website you can find more information on each facet of the education program through FIRNA. Many of these resources are available online. There is also a tool to find information and locations for upcoming training/seminars and certification exams.

    (301) 869-6699.
  • Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force
    Information and resources for helping find/report fraud.

    The site contains a large amount of information related to financial fraud provided by the Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force which is led by Attorney General, Chair Eric Holder. The task force is a large coalition of law enforcement and investigators as well as regulatory agencies that work together to target and eliminate fraud in it’s many forms. You will also find a news section reporting on the current issues related to fraud as well as a contact form for reporting fraudulent activity to the task force.

    (202) 514-2000
  • Financial Sense
    Applying common sense to the markets

    Financial Sense is an online news source that’s primary focus is to provide education to investors of all walks and sizes. Financial Sense is a weekly news broadcast with market experts that takes place on the weekends called Financial Sense Newshour. Jim Puplava, owner of Puplava Financial Resources, began Financial Sense years ago as a talk radio host and, though it began as basic blog type, the site has developed into a much larger resource for investors. For access to the weekday interviews with financial experts, authors, and more you can subscribe to the Financial Sense premium services at either a yearly or monthly rate.

  • FINRA Broker Check
    Information about brokers and brokerage firms

    Broker Check is an online database of FINRA that may be searched by anyone seeking information on an investment broker or firm. The information contained in the database is provided through the Central Registration Depository which collects basic licensing information about the firms and brokers. Anyone can search the database to locate information. You may print or download the report and there is no cost to use this database search tool. The brokerage report contains extremely useful information such as name, address, contact info, licensing info, and other background details.

    (800) 289-9999
  • FINRA Dispute Resolution
    Formal/informal dispute relolution processes

    FINRA has offers a Dispute Resolution Services through an Arbitration and Mediation program to assist investors and firms in solving disputes arising from securities business dealings. There are four regional offices across the United States. You can call the regional office closest to you for more information on the Arbitration and Mediation Services. There are fees involved with these services and you can find those fees by reading through the information on the site. Also, you will find a toolkit with the most common forms and tools related to arbitration and mediation. You may also want to visit the FAQ portion of the FINRA Dispute Revolution site to find out if your case may be eligible for use of this service.

    Financial Industry Regulatory Authority

    An independent, nonprofit corporation, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) is authorized by the government to regulate the securities industry by monitoring firms for compliance, regulating activity, promoting the integrity of the market, and enforcing compliance with the rules of the market. FIRNA has 20 locations across the United States and over 3000 employees committed to providing a fair, honest market while protecting investors from investment fraud

    1735 K Street, 20006, Washington, DC, (301) 590-6500
  • Forbes – Investment Guide
    2015 Investment Guide is now available

    Forbes, a business and investment news source, has just recently published their 2015 investment guide which includes tips and strategies for people who are interested in making their money work harder for them. In this information packed guide, you’ll find tips ranging from which asset expenditures to diversifying your investments for a larger return. Forbes staff members have done an excellent job of compiling resources to make the 2015 Investment Guide an excellent and useful resource.

  •, a project of NCL
    A product of the National Consumers League

    In response to telemarketing and internet fraud, the National Consumers League (NCL) constructed the long term project, is a host of important information for all consumers in an effort to protect from the many forms of fraud. Through this informative and interactive site, the NCL seeks to educate consumers on fraudulence. You will find a link to report suspected or known fraudulent activity as well as the latest news, featured issues, and even information as how you can advocate fraud prevention yourself.

    20006, Washington, DC, (202) 514-2000
  • Generation Money
    Improving the Financial Literacy of America’s Teens

    Generation Money is a program of FIRNA’s Investor Education Foundation and broadcasted by the Channel One News website. The public broadcasting is intended to engage young audiences in an effort to educate them on personal finance issues such as budgeting and and saving money. Teaching children from a young age about the importance of managing money will help one become money smart. In addition to the broadcast news, there are other resources available such as money math lessons discussion guides and other online resources for children, parents, and teachers.

  • Hoax Slayer
    Debunking hoaxes and exposing scams since 2003

    Founded in 2003 by Brett Christensen, Hoax Slayer researches potential scams and complaints and then publishes useful information to help people recognize scams right away so they do not become a victim of the scam. On this site you will find a long list of hoaxes, scams, and other frauds each with a detailed description. The research and then publication of these terribly deceiving scams/hoaxes helps to, not only make internet users aware of the most current and recent scams, but also puts forth a strong effort to combat the scam itself.

  • Investing for Beginners –
    Information to help beginning investor….from

    Investing for Beginners at is provides expert content to help readers answer questions and solve problems. The section is written and edited by Joshua Kennan who is an expert in investment for beginners. You can trust the information here because Kennan is truly an expert in the field. You will find a section of essentials for the beginning investor as well as recent investing articles for beginners and a section of investment topics to explore. You can also sign up for the free e-newsletter, Investing for Beginners, as well.

  • Investing Daily
    Profitable advice for smart people

    Investing Daily is an informative site providing a market intelligence information in the form of a subscription service. You may sign up for their free newsletter subscription which is published on a weekly basis. In this free E-letter you will gain access to helpful investment tips and strategies. In addition to the free daily newsletter you may be interested in some of the premium services offered through a paid subscription with Investing Daily. Investing Daily is written and published by a team of expert financial analysts committed to providing the most accurate and up to date information to help investors make informative investment decisions.

    7600A Leesburg Pike, West Building, Suite 300, 22023, Falls Church, VA, (703) 394-4931
  • Investment Fraud Prevention Program
    To Reduce Investment Fraud Among Consumers Nationally

    Investment Fraud Prevention Program is a program of the National Crime Prevention Council located in Arlington, VA to reduce investment fraud. Special focus is on investment crimes created against the elderly. Because of the drastic increase of investment fraud cases over the past 6 years, the program has become extremely important as more and more people reach the retirement age and become more susceptible to such crimes. You will find a Crime Prevention Month Kit available for download from the website as well as informative webinars and other useful resources.

    22202, Arlington, VA, (202) 466-6272
  • Investor Place
    Leading investing and financial news site

    Located in Rockville, MD, Investor Place has been around providing investment tips in the form of a newsletter for 35 years. Over the years the services have expanded to include market advice from market experts in the form of premium subscription services such as value hunters, mutual funds and ETF’s. Though the newsletter was originally in print version, it’s now available only as an e-letter. The mission of Investor Place is to help investors make informed decisions so they may reach their financial goals.

  • Jim Hamilton’s World of Securities Regulation
    Blog written by securities and law analyst, Jim Hamilton.

    Jim Hamilton’s World of Securities Regulation is written by Jim Hamilton, a law/securities analyst, who is directly involved in such commentary regarding security regulation issues. However, the blog is Mr. Hamilton’s way of connecting with a larger group of people to discuss the involvement and issues at hand. On the front page of the blog you will find an app available for download that will help you connect to Mr. Hamilton’s blog through your mobile device.
  • Journal of Business and Securities Law
    Law Journal produced by MSU College of Law Students

    The Journal of Business and Securities Law (JBSL) consists of thirteen members from the law student population of the Michigan State University Law College. The JBSL reports on a large range of topics from business law to securities regulation. Submitted by students, faculty, and others in the law community, the blog entries are approved prior to publishing by an Editorial Board. Membership is open to students who have completed the required writing course and credit hours.

    209C Law College Building, 648 N. Shaw Lane, 48824, East Lansing, MI
  • JumpStart Coalition
    501c3 for personal financial literacy

    JumpStart Coalition is actually a coalition between many other organizations dedicated to provide financial literacy programs for pre-school to college aged children/teens. Founded in 1995, the JumpStart Coalition was developed to promote a strategic financial planning education in classrooms across the country. You can find grassroots, collaborative organizations in your area by visiting the JumpStart site. There are 49 states with a local, state organization as well as nearly 150 partner organizations. The mission of the JumpStart Coalition is to provide financial education to young people to help them more easily reach their goals. This education is done through numerous events such as the awareness events, literacy days, educator conferences, training, classroom education, and social media.

    919 18th Street, N.W. Suite 300, 20006, Washington, DC, (888) 45-EDUCATE
  • Looks Too Good To Be True
    To educate and prevent consumers from becoming victims of fraud.

    Looks Too Good To Be True is a joint effort between federal law enforcement and industry task force.Because education and awareness is the key, Looks Too Good To Be True has created this website to help consumers learn the proper defenses against falling victim to scams/fraud. If you believe you’re a victim of a scam, you can file a complaint through this site and you can also share your story so that it may be published to make others aware of the scam.

  • Market Data Center
    Tool designed to assist investors with market and investment research

    A free online resource of the FIRNA, is the Market Data Center which provides market data for a wide selection of stocks, bonds, and other securities products. The Market Data Center can be customized to allow users to view data based on their own preferences. The informational data provided is up to date, accurate information based on information received from the TRACE Data Services. You have the option to search for information as well as obtain specific information

    (301) 590-6500
  • Military Financial Readiness Program
    Information for military members and their families

    The Military Financial Readiness Program is a long term campaign of FINRA to promote financial education and readiness for military personnel. After recognizing a great need for financial readiness and education within the military, the Military Financial Readiness Program was created. Over the past ten years, much has been accomplished to provide more and more resources of which have become known and used by many. The resources include training for military education personnel, a financial toolkit and much more to help members of the military learn to save for the future as well as control their debt.

    (202) 728-6933
  • Money & Markets
    Investment news, analysis, flash alert, and special offers

    Money & Markets is was created by long term market research company, Weiss Research, Inc, of Palm Beach Gardens, FL. The site was created to provide insight and tools needed by investors to make informative decisions regarding their investment decisions. Created in 2005, Money & Market is a free e-letter for investors containing market news, alerts and helpful information. On the site you will find data and analysis from experts in the industry, optional subscription services, and much, much more. You can sign up from the website for the free e-letter or any of the premium subscription services.

    Simple, non-judgmental financial advice as you start out was created in 2006 by David Weliver to provide financial advice for young people, helping them develop new habits to become financially sound individuals by helping those just getting started learn the basics so they can make good financial decisions. Although focuses on all financial issues such as budgeting and banking, you will find a section dedicated to investing, in the topics section. Here, you will find a ton of information on investing for the first time investor.

    (207) 400-4056
  • National Center for Victims of Crime
    Advocacy, education, and various resources for fraud victims

    The National Center for Victims of Crime has a program called Financial Crime Rescource Center which is directly related to helping victims recover from financial crimes through a variety of resources to inform and train advocates. You will find a free guide, The Advocate’s Guide, available for download. Free copies of The Advocates Guide may also be ordered from the site. A huge resource for advocates is the Financial Crime Training seminars held regularly to provide education and training for advocates.

    2000 M Street NW, Suite 480, 20036, Washington, DC, 202-467-8700
  • Online Trading Academy
    Financial Education Center

    Online Trading Academy is an online educational resource created to provide help for all levels of need and experience. In addition to the classes offered to build much needed skill and confidence, you will find a large number of helpful resources on their website such as the free Lessons from the Pros weekly newsletter that you can sign up to receive. Also, the resources section of the site contains a ton of helpful information such as tips from various professionals, discussion forums, and free class offerings.

    (949) 608-6028
  • Professor Bainbridge
    Stephen Bainbridge’s journal of Law, Politics, and Culture

    Professor Bainbridge is a blog written by Stephen Bainbridge, a Law Professor at UCLA who has also authored various books for which you will find more information by visiting the blog. The the blog contains information on a variety of issues, those related to corporate law and economics are of a special interest to Professor Bainbridge. By visiting this blog you have access to a large amount of securities law information written by Professor Bainbridge based on his own research and opinions.

    Hollywood Hills, CA,
  • Save and Invest Fraud Center
    To protect yourself and others from fraud

    The Save and Invest Fraud Center is a campaign to protect investment fraud by helping investors become proactive. Investors can ask questions and research firms to identify potential fraud. Public service announcements and other resources for investors such as the Investor Toolkit are an excellent source of outreach to educate investors so they may easily recognize the red flags before becoming victims of investment fraud. This campaign is a partnership of FIRNA Investor Education Foundation which is dedicated to research and education to protect investors and lower the investment crime rate.

    1735 K Street, NW, 20006, Washington, DC, (202) 728-6933
  • Scam Alerts by the FTC
    What to know and do about scams in the news

    The Federal Trade Commision operates a Scam Alert System from their website. You will find a list of the most recent information on reported scams along with a link to read more about each. Also you will find a link to sign up for automatic scam alerts. This means each time a new alert is published you will receive that information immediately via the email address you provide. The Scam Alert System is an excellent resource to stay one step ahead of scammers.

    (202) 326-2222
    Online message board is an online message board for anyone to openly voice opinions and give information on scams. You will find a disclaimer on the site letting you know that this site is a messenger board and information contained therein is from many different sources. Therefore the legitimacy of the information is unknown. Basically this site is like a whistleblower type message board for members. Anyone can sign up free and post on the message boards.

  • Scam Warners
    Anti scam and internet fraud center

    Scam Warners is an internet scam resource providing accurate and reliable information to protect people from becoming victims of scams.The mission of the organization is to increase awareness and education so people will be informed ahead of time. On this site you will find a help section in the message board. You are encouraged to post here if you feel you have become victim of a scam or fraud or if you have received a suspicious email. The introduction section of the message boards is an excellent resource to learn about the various scams that are happening.
    Useful, practical information on internet scams and more is a public service site created by Audri Lanford in 1994 to provide education and awareness to protect people from the many scams going on around the world. This resource is provided as a free public service to all. You’ll find a list with links and info on some of the most popular scams as well as facts and data on those scams. Also offered is a free subscription service in the form of a newsletter that you can quickly and easily register for. The newsletter is provided by Scambusters in an effort to keep subscribers abreast of recent scams.

    207 New Market Center, #115, 28607, Boone, NC, (231) 680-0486
  • Stanford Securities Litigation Analytics
    Informational analysis and databasing of securities litigation and business law

    The Stanford Securities Litigation Analytics (SSLA) is a program at Stanford University Law School in Stanford, CA. By clicking the link below you may visit their blog which is packed with information. Lead by a small team of professors and experts, the SSLA’s purpose is to collect, record, analyze, and report data obtained from securties law litigations. This data is made available to practitioners on either side of litigation. Additionally, the Stanford Securities Litigation Analytics is in the process of creating an interactive website for professionals so that they may obtain needed information more quickly.

    Crown Quadrangle, 559 Nathan Abbott Way, 94305, Stanford, CA, (650) 723-2465
  • Stock Buying Guide
    First time buyer’s guide to stock

    Stock Buying Guide is a blog type site with information for first time stock buyers. Discussion topics include penny stocks, how to purchase stocks for the first time, and understanding the stock market for beginners. This site may be useful to some people in just learning basic information. But because I couldn’t find information on the editor and owner of the site I can’t help but be a bit skeptical of the quality of the information.

  • Web-Invest
    Internet guide investment tips

    Web-Invest is an online site with a large amount of investment tips for the various types of investments such as money market, OTC, stocks, bonds, cash, and more. There’s not a lot of info on the site about the author or his/her connection to the investment world. However, it does seem like a good source of basic infomation for someone that’s new to the world of investment as it does provide some helpful insight to the basics.

  • Wise Stock Buyer
    Education on stock trading

    Written by Karl, a seasoned investor, Wise Stock Buyer has section on stock trading education where you will find informative articles, tips, tutorials, and many other resources to help you learn before you begin purchasing stock. There are a great deal of ads on this site so I did find it a little difficult to distinguish between the ads and the actual content.