Professional Referrals

Today’s investment products and strategies are so complicated and obscure that they can confound even the most sophisticated litigators. Moreover, cases involving financial misconduct by brokers generally can’t be brought in court. They must instead be pursued through arbitration under the auspices of the brokerage industry’s self-regulatory organization, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Most lawyers have little or no familiarity with FINRA’s arcane rules, procedures, and customs.

At McCarthy, Lebit, Crystal & Liffman, the attorneys in our Stockmarketloss group are battle-hardened and field-trained. We spend virtually all of our time representing victims of investment negligence and fraud, and our current work is informed by years of experience representing major securities broker-dealers. Combined, we have  nearly 50 years of experience in this field. We have a comprehensive understanding of the laws pertaining to sales of both pure securities investments and hybrid insurance/securities products like variable annuities and variable life insurance policies. We can effectively handle even the most complex investment disputes.

Referrals from Fellow Attorneys

If you are an attorney who wants to put your client in capable hands and needs the assistance of experienced securities counsel with an impressive record of success, contact our offices today. We can work in tandem with you and your client or we can handle the entire matter on a referral basis. Fee sharing arrangements complying with applicable rules of professional conduct can be arranged in most cases.

Referrals from Financial Professionals

Principled, competent financial professionals often are appalled to witness the detrimental effects of incompetence or fraud engaged in by bad brokers and advisors.  We routinely receive referrals from brokers, investment advisers, CPAs, estate planners, and other professionals who, having taken on a new client, are shocked to discover previously hidden abuses. We can effectively handle any outstanding legal claims your client may have, and we’ll work diligently to ensure that your client will be grateful for your having directed them to us.

Contact Our Attorneys Today. Big investment firms have armies of attorneys protecting them. We believe that investors deserve strong and effective legal representation as well. If you’re looking for an attorney for referral purposes or if you’re an attorney seeking co-counsel, contact our firm to discuss your client’s needs.