Stockmarketloss Blog

Welcome to the Stockmarketloss Blog, a resource brought to you by McCarthy, Lebit, Crystal & Liffman, a Cleveland, OH law firm that maintains a variety of specialized practice groups. This blog is a creation of the firm’s Investor Rights group, which conducts a nationwide arbitration and litigation practice representing investors who have been abused, misled, or ripped off by financial professionals and investment firms.

We invite you to visit our entire website – – where you’ll find background on us and a wealth of information about the endless ways in which product-pushing investment firms, brokers, and investment advisors damage their customers.

We intend through this blog to offer a certain informality and candor not usually characteristic of law firm blogs. For that reason, we won’t start out with the usual broad disclaimer that not all brokers and advisors are deceitful or incompetent. We know there are exceptions. In fact, many of them refer cases to us when they come across disgraceful conduct by their peers. The problem is that too many brokers and advisors who portray themselves as honest, diligent, well- meaning investment pros turn out to be ravenous wolves in business suits. We see the aftermath of their despicable acts every day in our practice.

So…if we seem from time to time to have disdain for the brokerage industry, it’s because a good chunk of the brokerage industry merits our disdain. Its minions are fancy-talking salesmen, hawking complicated products they don’t understand to persons who mistakenly trust them to act like advisors. Investors’ lives are altered and often devastated by broker misconduct. When we sue one of these bad brokers or advisors, we do it with zeal.

Anyway, that’s who we are. This blog is meant to bring you information, advice, and the occasional cantankerous opinion. We’ll try to be interesting.