Hugh D. Berkson Selected to Serve as Executive Vice-President and President-Elect of the Public Investors Arbitration Bar Association

Hugh BerksonIt’s always nice to have one of our lawyers receive national recognition from our peers in the investor advocacy bar. Thus, we’re pleased to announce that Hugh D. Berkson, one of our team members in Stockmarketloss practice group, has been named Executive Vice-President and President-Elect of PIABA, the Public Investors Arbitration Bar Association.

PIABA, an international bar association boasting more than 400 members, was established in 1990. Its website ( states, in part, “The mission of PIABA is to promote the interests of the public investor… [by]… creating a level playing field for the public investor in securities and commodities arbitration.” To advance this mission, minimize conflicts of interest among its membership, and promote the sharing of knowledge and information among practitioners, PIABA annually requires each association member to attest that his or her law firm devotes no more than 20% of its securities practice to the representation of securities industry clients against public investors.

PIABA has consistently made itself heard on a national scale in recent years regarding issues of importance to aggrieved retail investors, so much so that the association has become a respected and influential pro-investor voice in legislative and regulatory debates. Our firm is proud to have our partner Hugh Berkson take the helm of this distinguished organization. Hugh will succeed current PIABA President Joe Peiffer when Mr. Pfeiffer’s term ends in October 2015. Hugh also will continue to serve on PIABA’s Board of Directors during both his current term as Executive VP and his upcoming term as President.