McCarthy Lebit’s Investor Advocates In The News

The Cleveland Plain Dealer’s award-winning business reporter and columnist, Teresa Dixon Murray, has written a timely article prominently featuring extensive comments from one of our team members, the inimitable Hugh Berkson. The article, which links to our website, reminds investors to be particularly watchful for fraud and scam investments when the financial markets and many brokerage accounts are on the rise. Hugh gives some valuable tips to help you avoid becoming a victim.

You can find the article here:  With the stock market doing so well, now is the time to watch out for fraud and scam investments

It may seem counter-intuitive to say that good times call for extra vigilance and skepticism. But in a rising market, improper or fraudulent investment opportunities can perform impressively and thus be hard to spot. The analogy we sometimes use is that a shoreline often will look pristine and beautiful when the tide is in and the water is high, but submerged junk will show itself when the tide goes out again.  Read this article and you’ll see what we mean.