Class Actions

Don’t Get Trapped in a Class Action for Pennies on the Dollar. Learn About Opting Out and McCarthy Lebit’s Individual or Group Claim Solution. UDF IV is a non-traded real estate investment trust (REIT) that issues loans to acquire and develop single-family residential lots or mixed-use master planned residential communities across Texas. UDF IV is

When Attempting to Persuade Arbitrators, a Dozen Victims are Better Than One. “So okay,” you say. “Group cases sound like they’re better than class actions.  But what if I had a really big loss and have the money to afford litigation costs. Wouldn’t I be better off suing on my own than being part of a group?”

While Class Members Surrender All Control to the Lawyers and Court, Group Arbitrations Keep Clients Involved and In Charge. As we noted in part 1, securities class actions tend to produce paltry returns for victims, while group arbitrations generally result in significant individual recoveries. There are many reasons for the disappointing results in class actions,

Modest Losses? In Group Arbitrations, a Lot of Little Can Be Really Big We’ve said it before, we are not a fan of class actions. In fact, except for the lawyers who handle them, no one is a fan of class actions. Class actions definitely play at least a small role in deterring bad corporate