Misrepresentation / Omission of Facts

Have you suffered a significant investment loss because your stockbroker or investment advisor misrepresented an investment or failed to give you the facts you needed to make an informed investment decision?

Some brokers who misrepresent or omit facts are just careless. Others may not necessarily lie, but they might withhold certain facts that could cause you not to invest. And sadly, some brokers will intentionally deceive you. But regardless of whether the broker’s misrepresentation or omission is fraudulent or simply negligent, if it caused you to make a poor investment, the broker may be liable for your loss.

Every investor is entitled to have certain basic information about an investment before buying it. If your broker recommended an investment, but failed to inform you of a fact that might affect your decision to invest — for example, that the investment was extremely risky — you could pursue a claim against the broker for omitting facts. On the other hand, if you invested because the broker gave you false information, such as telling you that an investment was “just like a bond” when it really worked more like a stock, you could pursue a claim against the broker for misrepresenting facts.

It can be difficult for an investor to know if or how he or she was misled. But our securities attorneys focus exclusively on investment abuse. We can tell you whether your advisor made inadequate disclosures or gave you false information.

We spend nearly all of our professional time litigating investment disputes, exclusively representing investors injured by stockbrokers, investment advisors, insurance agents, and other investment professionals.
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